Simply put, our strategy is to price moderately and deliver more bang-for-the-buck than our competitors. We really want your business and are willing to work hard to get it and keep it.

We aren't trying to impress you by being the cheapest guy on the block. There are some fly-by-night companies that may offer you a cheaper price. As you well know, cheap is not necessarily a good thing.

Why are our prices so good? We've eliminated multiple layers of middlemen. Because we sell direct to you, we have lower costs getting our products into your hands. This means we are in the unique position of being able to offer you a great product at a very competitive price.

In order to maintain control of the quality of our products, we have an American-owned, facility in China.

In the LED business, we are a small but nimble David competing against several very large, lumbering, Goliaths. However, being a David is to our advantage. To the big companies, you are merely a number and can easily get lost in limbo. But, because we are smaller and more nimble, we can offer a more personal, custom-tailored experience for each unique client.

And just like you want integrity and fairness from your vendor, we want it from you too. So that is our value proposition! If you are willing to pay a fair price, then we are going to roll up our sleeves and make sure the job is done right and your expectations are well exceeded.

Purchasing LED lighting products means you are investing in an asset. An asset that pays you back!

Note: You already have a budget set aside to pay for an LED lighting upgrade. It’s called your lighting bill.

Doing an LED lighting upgrade means your lighting bill will be reduced by 70% or more. That means you will have 70% of your existing lighting bill budget to pay for an LED lighting upgrade and put money back in your pocket. But that’s not all! You will save even more with virtually zero maintenance or bulb replacement for the next 15 to 20 years. We offer free Audits and free Dialux Optometric Reports! See the numbers in black & white!

Stop pouring your hard earned money down the drain. It’s your money, put it back in your pocket! Call today for a free audit: 941-400-7363